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Johnny Sizemore & One Accord - Featured Artist


“Eager to sing and to do God's will, a purposeful and enthusiastic group of young people envisioned a singing group. With a considerable amount of exposure to other choirs, their vision for this particular group was very distinct. They wanted to be a Generation now choir. The groups objective is to reach and alter people's lives through song while demonstrating to young people that being a Christian is nothing to be embarrassed of. Putting their faith in motion, a rehearsal was arranged for those who had a similar urge and craving for a shift in ministry. Thus "One Accord" an anointed group singer joined together under the leadership of J. Sizemore. With his personal vision for the group, Minister Sizemore emphasizes that the role of a choir is much greater than singing, but it’s about influencing the lives of others, and the up building of God's Kingdom.”

“Johnny Sizemore immerges on the gospel music scene as an artist with an astonishing musical knowledge, skill and unparalleled creativity that places second, only to his passion for ministry. Born in Greenville, South Carolina and affectionately known as a child prodigy Johnny has always shown a great interest in music. With a strong spiritual foundation laid by his family, Johnny participation in the music ministry at his local home church began at the very young age of four, as did his formal training. Due to that Johnny Sizemore has accomplished great musical exploits in his short life.

In the year of 2005 Johnny began to step out on faith and accept his calling to ministry. He was licensed to preach the gospel in May and launched his music ministry One Accord in June. Minister Johnny Sizemore sets an unblemished illustration of a servant in the Body of Christ. He has devoted his life to uplifting the kingdom of God and refuses to let the enemy tear that kingdom down.

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